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Robot Toast

🗃️ Specifications

📰 Title: Robot Toast 🕹️ / 🛠️ Type: Game
🗃️ Genre: Arcade 🚦 Status: 06. Tested & Working
🏷️ Category: Arcade ➤ Platformer ➤ Misc. 🌍️ Browser-based:
🔖 Tags: Arcade; Platformer; Puzzle; Robots 📦️ Package Name:
🐣️ Approx. start: 📦️ Arch:
🐤️ Latest: 2008-04-06 🍥️ On Deb repo:
📍️ Version: Final 📦️ Deb:
🏛️ License type: FOSS/Libre 📦️ RPM:
🏛️ License: Code : GPL-3 / Artwork : CC BY 3.0 📦️ AppImage:
🏝️ Perspective: Third person 📦️ Snap:
👁️ Visual: 2D 📦️ Flatpak/Athenaeum:
⏱️ Pacing: ⚙️ Generic bin.:
👫️ Played: Single 📄️ Source: ✓
🎖️ This record: 3 stars 📱️ PDA support:
🎖️ Game design: 3 stars 👫️ Contrib.: Goupil & Louis
🎰️ ID: 12671 🐛️ Created: 2010-08-20
🐜️ Updated: 2021-11-07

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📕 Description [fr]

Robot Toast est un jeu d'adresse et de réflexion mono-joueur dont l'objectif est de franchir ses niveaux à l'aide de votre robot.

Vous jouez le rôle d'un robot Ninja et votre objectif est d'atteindre le poste de commande de la fin de chacun de ses niveaux.
Ninja est rapide et agile; il peut courir, sauter, s'appuyer sur les rebords, sauter par-dessus les murs, et dans des niveaux assez avancés, il peut même s'agripper et utiliser des rétro-fusées.
Battre le jeu n'est pas une mince affaire, mais tout à fait réalisable avec de bons réflexes.
Arriverez-vous à le terminer ?

En Python.
Une entrée du Pyweek 6.

📕 Description [en]

A Pyweek 6 entry by Robot Toast (erlandr, Tresch, III_Demon, metachaos, AmericanPianist)
Robot Toast is a jumping puzzle game, and a rather challenging one at that! You play as a ninja robot, and your goal is to reach the command station at the end of each level.

Ninjabot is fast an agile; he can run, jump, grab ledges, jump off walls, and in later levels he can even grapple and use rocketboots!

Beating the game is no small feat, but definitely possible with the right reflexes. Can you make it to the end?

🚧️ Installation [fr]

(pour corriger un petit bogue), renommez le fichier data/sounds/wilhelm.ogg en data/sounds/Wilhelm.ogg


En console, lancez dans son répertoire racine : $ python

TOUCHES / CONTROLS (extrait du fichier README.txt) :
Movement (Keyboard or Game Controller):
Arrow keys or W, A, S, D or D-pad will move the player around
Z or Space, or Button1 jumps
X or Shift, or Button2 will fire the grappling hook (if you have it)

⚬Your jump height varies based on how long you hold the button
⚬Pressing against a wall while you're in the air initiates a "wallslide" This increased friction and slows your fall
⚬While in a Wallslide, press jump to walljump.
⚬If you wallslide past the edge of a platform, you'll grab onto it. You can turn around while ledge grabbing. Turn the direction you want to jump before jumping for the biggest distance!
⚬The grapple is tricky to master, but a very flexible tool. Remember, the grapple fires in the direction you're pointing (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), but it defaults to a 45 degree angle. When in doubt, just let off the movement controls and fire!
⚬The grapple can also extend and retract. Experiment with using this to adjust your momentum. Retract before you jump and fling yourself to great heights!
⚬The Jet Boots have a limited charge, which takes a moment to refill. Once you've done a long burn remember to wait a second for them to come back to full power.

Cheat Codes:
1-9 : Spawn to Checkpoint
B - Bullsh*t mode

🔍️ Test [fr]

🕵️ Test (Final) :
Pas de sauvegarde : dommage.
Graphisme & interface soignés, petite bande musicale adaptée, bon gameplay : il n'en faut pas plus pour en faire un bon jeu qui donne envie d'y rejouer.