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📰 Title: Racer 🕹️ / 🛠️ Type: Game
🗃️ Genre: Sport 🚦 Status: 09. Dead
🏷️ Category: Sport ➤ Motorsport ➤ High Speed Circuit 🌍️ Browser-based:
🔖 Tags: 📦️ Package Name:
🐣️ Approx. start: 📦️ Arch:
🐤️ Latest: 2014-08-22 🍥️ On Deb repo:
📍️ Version: Latest : 0.5.0 / Dev : 0.9.0 RC 10 📦️ Deb:
🏛️ License type: Free/Free price 📦️ RPM:
🏛️ License: Free 📦️ AppImage:
🏝️ Perspective: Third person 📦️ Snap:
👁️ Visual: 3D 📦️ Flatpak/Athenaeum:
⏱️ Pacing: Real Time ⚙️ Generic bin.: ✓
👫️ Played: Single & Multi 📄️ Source: ✓
🎖️ This record: 4 stars 📱️ PDA support:
🎖️ Game design: 5 stars 👫️ Contrib.: Goupil & Louis
🎰️ ID: 12491 🐛️ Created: 2010-08-20
🐜️ Updated: 2021-11-07

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🕹️ Gameplay [en] / [en] / [fr] : (202xxx), (202xxx), (202xxx),

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• Racer (Linux beta) : [Racer (Linux beta)]
• Linux Installer For Linux Gamers (LIFLG) : [Binaries (Mirror, thanks to HOLaRSE)] [Dev site]
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[Open Hub] [Voitures & circuits]

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[RedisDead (Parce qu'il faut bien s'amuser un peu : Racer) [fr]]

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📖 Our entry: https://bit.ly/bottinLightOn
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📕 Description [fr]

Un simulateur de course automobile en 3D, par la Racer Team (Ruud van Gaal & contributors).

Racer est un simulateur de course automobile mono (IA) et multijoueur en 3D faisant appel à un moteur physique pour son comportement et à un moteur de rendu pour son réalisme graphique.

📕 Description [en]

Racer is a free car simulator project (for non-commercial use), using high-end car physics to achieve a realistic feeling and an excellent render engine for graphical realism.

Cars, tracks and such can be created relatively easy (compared to other, more closed driving simulations). The 3D files, physics and other Racer-specific file formats are documented. Editors and support programs are also available to get a very customizable and expandable simulator. OpenGL is used for rendering.

🌍️ Wikipedia :

Racer, fully named Racer Free Car Simulation, is a freeware and source available video game simulator that runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Although Racer started out as a driving simulator, it also has features that are usually seen in racing games, such as racing against AI cars, or against human opponents in multiplayer mode. Its weak points, when compared with commercial racing games, is the absence of wear/damage physics or a career mode.

An important characteristic of Racer is its openness. The software itself is maintained exclusively by creator Ruud van Gaal, but the formats for cars, tracks and other data are documented. Furthermore, tools to aid in car and track creation are part of the release. As a result, a large number of cars has been created and published, in a large variety: Formula One, GT, vintage, trucks, daily drivers, luxury sedans...even a shopping trolley has been modelled. Likewise, tracks are available in various types, from true racing circuits to drag strips, mountain roads, and even a car park.

🚧️ Installation [fr]

Nota : le jeu nécessite la bibliothèque Fmod.

🔍️ Test [fr]

🕵️ Test (0.5.3) :
Un graphisme excellent mais le jeu est gâché par un pilotage exécrable à la souris.

💡️ Commentaires généraux:
• le pilotage par défaut est à la souris mais il peut être joué au volant (recommandé).
• le source est disponible dans une ancienne version (0.5.0), l'auteur précise aussi que ce n'est pas un jeu open source.
• les dernières versions (d'énormes progrès ont été réalisés) semblent réservées à Windows.